What do you do when the trash piles high enough that it spills over the top of the can? If you are like most people at our office you either push it down so you can cram more stuff in or just pretend not to see it. Whose job is it to take the trash out when it is full?

Answer: Nobody.

We are in between cleaning services at work so it is a fend-for-yourself deal until new people are found and hired.

If there was a webcam to show all of the people that walked through the kitchen and pretended not to see that the trash needs to be taken out, it would probably show the same folks that take the last bit of coffee without making any more and the same people that put their cups in the sink when the dishwasher is literally so close that if it were a snake, they would be dead.

At home I am super guilty of over-stuffing the trash. My husband asked me if I was trying to punish him because I tend to pack as much as possible into our trash cans.