A Restaurant in Boston is touting itself as having on of the best combination of two of our favorites pizza and hamburgers.

Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar created the ultimate burger, a "pizzaburger" that's made out of a bacon cheeseburger wrapped in a pepperoni pizza and cooked like a calzone. The company's marketing spokesperson is totally owning how bad this thing is for you, too, telling the USA Today: ‘We're not pretending that it's a healthy product. You're talking about a hamburger and pizza wrapped together."

With a meal like this, who needs fries and a shake. Surprisingly this is not the most unhealthy burger in America. The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas has a 10,000 calorie burger that should come with its own ambulance. I would try it once just to say I had one. Would you even think about eating this monstrosity.