On the heels of a sexy new trailer, Hot Toys has officially revealed the first few sixth-scale figures in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok collection. A number of characters from recent Marvel Cinematic Universe properties were teased at San Diego Comic-Con, but Thor and Hulk are the two best frenemies are up first. The early glimpses of these toys had us excited, but getting a more up-close and personal look at both Gladiator Hulk and the Roadworn Thor only makes us wish Thor: Ragnarok was being injected into our eyeballs right this very second.

There is no such thing as too many Hulk toys, though Hot Toys is definitely pushing the limits of fan wallets with another $350+ release of the Green Goliath. That’s especially true considering it appears to be using the same body build as the Age of Ultron Hulk released prior. At least this one has an all-new paint deco, a lot of gladiator armor, and will feature two all-new portraits with the PERS (parallel eyeball rolling system) feature in both.

I’ll admit, having not snapped up one of the previous Hulks offered by Hot Toys, this one does have my eye. The “Planet Hulk” storyline was always one of my favorites, and having a MCU version loosely based on that concept and design of Hulk makes him more appealing than the more basic versions from the first few Avengers movies. I mean, how can you not love the design of this guy? He doesn’t need an axe or a hammer, but he has them anyway, and you just know he's going to tear the heck out of weird aliens with those things.

Like Hulk, there are only a few cosmetic changes truly coming to the Roadworn Thor figure. As this piece is arriving by the end of the year, Hot Toys is reusing the existing Thor body and Chris Hemsworth-head sculpts from Age of Ultron to craft this version of the Asgardian from the early moments of Thor: Ragnarok. We do know he’ll be getting a gladiator version too, which comes with a new head with shorter hair, but that’s not quite ready for release just yet.

Though the body and head sculpt will remain unchanged, save for some slight paint differences, Thor’s armor is getting a complete redesign. Tailored with more of a dark leather theme than his other costumes, this Thor calls more to the heavier tone of a battle against Hela and her minions. That fact is furthered even more by the inclusion of Surtur’s skull, which can magnetically attach to Thor’s back. I suppose that is a light spoiler for the film, but Thor also still has Mjolnir with this figure, and we already know that gets shattered by Hela early on, too.

The cool thing about this Mjolnir though is that there is a version included that will feature light-up functionality. That means you can have Thor chilling on your shelves, calling down the thunder and lightning if the mood suits. It’s a nice touch for a figure that reuses so much of Hot Toys’ older parts, and one that should make fans that have dipped into these waters before happy for something new.

Both Thor: Ragnarok figures are available for pre-order through Sideshow Collectibles today. Gladiator Hulk will set you back $355, and is expected to arrive in Q2 2018. Roadworn Thor will cost $243, and is slated to drop Q4 2017.

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