Arkansas is known as the natural state and I have been a resident for almost 17 years.  We always think of Texarkana as a small town but here are the five smallest towns in the great state of Arkansas.

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5. Fourche  The town of Fourche had 59 people in the 20102 census and it now has only 29 people living in the city. The median household income was only $48,980. The median age of a Fourche Arkansas resident is 61.7

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4. Scott   Scott Arkansas is a little suburb of Little Rock and as of the 2020 census has 24 residents. The household income in Scott Arkansas is $46.031. The median age of Scoot Arkansas residents is 63.3.

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3. Big Flat The town of Big Flat is the third smallest town in Arkansas, It has a population of just 23 people. The median age of a resident of Big Flat is 71.5. The median household income is just $31,499. Big Flat is in the Northern part of Arkansas.

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2. Victoria  Victoria is located just 45 miles north of Memphis. Victoria, Arkansas is at the number two spot with a population of just 13 residents. Since 2000 Victoria has lost 45 percent of its residents. The average age of a Victoria resident is 62.6 and the median income is $43.001.

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1. Gilbert And the number one smallest town in Arkansas is Gilbert. As of the 2020 census they have 3 people living there. They have a median age of 67.7 and the median income is $32, 839. Gilbert is known as the coldest city in Arkansas.

If you are curious the current population of Texarkana Arkansas is 29,473 and makes us the 15th biggest town in Arkansas. Our median age is 40.2 and our median income is $40, 750.

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