I have a little problem that I need your help in solving. I have a dog that barks all night in my neighborhood. .

I have asked some of the neighbors about the offending dog and most of them do no even hear it. I guess I must be a lite sleeper because it keeps me up on the nights it decides to do its barking. I lay there in the bed and try to go back to sleep, heck my wife is asleep right next to me and does not even hear it most of the time.
I want it to stop, but I also want to be a good neighbor and not come across as mean or hateful, but this barking has got to stop. I am not even 100 percent sure where the dog is located. I am pretty sure I know where it is coming from so the next time I am awake I guess I will go though the neighborhood to try and find out exactly where it is coming from. My problem is finding the best way to talk to the neighbor about their dog issue.