Ron Howard has been keeping us somewhat up to date on his process shooting the untitled Han Solo prequel spinoff. He posts new tweets almost daily showing off the most behind-the-scenes stuff he can get away with, and today was no different: Howard posted a video from the set showing a pile of junk that looks like pieces of a crashed vehicle. Maybe one of the ships that didn’t make the Kessel Run?

Howard’s caption, “Where old Speeders go to die” indicates this is probably the busted remains of a speeder bike, commonly used all over the Star Wars galaxy. They’re those floating motorcycle things that the Ewoks used to get around Endor.

So, this might mean there’s going to be a high-octane chase sequence in the movie, which, honestly, isn’t too surprising. This is Han Solo we’re dealing with here. At any given time, he’s the kind of guy who has at least ten bounty hunters scouring the galaxy for him.

Howard also shared another video of a practical set that looks like it could be some kind of junkyard, with a big rig of greenscreen set up in the background.

Is that one of the Millennium Falcon’s engines? Kinda looks like it. What could they be building?

The Han Solo movie opens in theaters May 25, 2018.

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