A 16th birthday party invitation that went viral on Facebook ended in rioting and the arrest of 34 people in the small Dutch town of Haren. About 3,000 youngsters descended on the quiet Groningen suburb, home to about 18,000 people, after an invitation for a girl’s 16th birthday party circulated on Facebook. The girl’s mistake is that she forgot to set the event to “private” and somehow the message spread like a wild fire. Apparently worried that her festivities would be crashed, the girl canceled the party, but thousands of people still turned up, swarming police barricaded streets.

The celebration ended bad – the crowd looted shops and clashed with riot police, at least six people were hurt and many more were arrested. Some revelers could be seen wearing “Project X Haren” T-shirts, after “Project X” — the recent American film about a party that grows out of control.

via europeanphoenix.com