Have you ever had your leftovers stolen from the office fridge? I have! Boy was I mad too. I remember once when I worked at a law firm that my sausage and biscuits were obviously consumed by someone other than me. I left a nasty note on the refrigerator door but you know, that really didn't make me feel much better. I was still hungry.

Recently I had three slices of pizza in the fridge at the radio station. At lunch I discovered someone had cut the inside corner out of all three! Everyone knows that is the part that has the most flavor--it has the most toppings. And it isn't like the pizza was in a box, it was in a plastic container with a name on the top!

While surfing Facebook I found this clip and it reignited my aggravation over my long-lost food so I just had to share...share the video clip, not my food.