This week in fun stuff across the internet, we discovered "First of All" tweets. The trends of Twitter usually peak at the 24hr mark, but this hilarious fad is pushing through almost a week long.

We don't know the origin of these "First of all" tweets, but they've become a perfect time waster here at the station. Here are 7 of our favorites from the Twitterverse.

1. If it is not your car, don't change the station.

2. Does it matter what percent my phone is on?

3. We should be able to eat Whataburger every day without judgment.

4. For those of us who are eager to see Black Panther.


  5. Go to college they said. It'll be fun they said

6. When Netflix is all in your business.

7.There's no such thing as being short, just fun-sized

Have a "First of All" moment? Share it with us in the comments.

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