The Texarkana Arkansas Police are reminding you to please do not drive distracted. The Police department said on their Facebook page that they will be stepping up their enforcement of distracted driving.

This is all part of the U Drive U Text U Pay. This initiative is reminding people to not drive distracted. It does not matter if it's a text, a phone call, or something else it can wait. This increase in enforcement runs until April 12 and will be enforced by all law enforcement in our area.

Did you know in Arkansas that any driver under the age of 18 cannot use a cell phone in the car if they are driving? In Texas, the laws are the same for all drivers under the age of 18. With all of the modern technology like Apple car paly and Andriod Auto, almost everything you can do through your phone can be completed hands-free.

Most of all distracted driver accidents occur when the driver is using their phone for texting or social media posting, like car selfies. These two things are actually illegal in Arkansas and you can get a ticket. In Texas, it is illegal to message or do social media or even email while you are driving.  It is illegal in both states to use your phone in school zones.

I have two cars in my family and one has all of the new convenience features of Apple Car Play and Andriod Auto and it makes keeping your eyes on the road when you are talking or texting very safe. But if you do not have these features a simple Bluetooth piece may be what you need to handle those phone calls and still be safe while you are driving.

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