Do you suffer from nomophobia?

Nomophobia is short for "No Mobile Phobia" and is associated with very real feelings of anxiety and panic when ones cell phone won't work. Apparently, a study on Nomophobia was done in the UK and it was decided that 53% of mobile device users will suffer from Nomophobic symptoms.

What causes Nomophobia?

Any situation that can cause a loss of the use of ones mobile device is a situation that can bring about the anxious symptoms of Nomophobia. Situations such as:

-- Low battery charge with no way to charge your cell phone

-- A "No Cell Phones" sign

-- No signal strength on mobile device

-- A broken or malfunctioning cell phone

-- Lost cell phone

-- Just the THOUGHT of potentially losing mobile device

-- Stolen cell phone of fear of it being stolen

-- Any situation that causes you to not be able to use your mobile device.

Nomophobia is very real in todays society. Think about how often you see a group full of people gathered together - and each is talking on their cell phone to someone else! Think about how many people you know that use to their cell phone to the extent that the alarm is the only way they would get up each morning.

Once, having a cell phone was a luxury - nowadays, it appears to be a necessity. Those that suffer from Nomophobia will be the first to point that out.

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