I found this dash cam footage of the train derailment and explosion that happened in Texarkana in October of 2005 and it is a scary ride.

I cannot believe this happened almost 13 years ago. It was a huge explosion that unfortunately took the life of one person but many complained of respiratory issues after the incident.

In the video the police officer makes the right decision to very quickly get out of the area and the explosion can be clearly seen.

Police spokesperson Chris Rankin said.

At least seven people went to hospital emergency rooms with complaints of respiratory problems, according to hospital spokeswomen. At least two homes and several vehicles were destroyed in the quarter-mile area surrounding the accident.

I still cannot believe how luck the officer was to make the quick decision to get out of there as fast as he did, it almost looks like something in a movie, but it was all way too real for all of us.

The accident occurred in the switching yard and it was very fortunate more people were not injured. You can see the full story details here.

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