Did you know there are giant rabbits all across the United States? No not the real rabbits but rabbit statues. There is one in the Dots Rentals store in Texarkana and it has a pretty interesting back story.

The site Roadside Architecture gives a brief history of the giant rabbit in Texarkana.

The Stop Agan Service gas station caught attention with a World War II surplus Cessna Bobcat airplane on its roof. The owner, L.E. Agan, had three or four other stations around town with planes on their roofs. They are all gone. This station opened in 1945 and featured a saddled-up, six foot tall jackrabbit. At that point, the statue was brown and had a fur coat.

I got a chance to talk to some folks who shed some more light on this giant rabbit. It was actually purchased for just one dollar back in 1943. And was almost destroyed in 2005. Here is an old photo of the rabbit and the airplane on top of the gas station. The gas station closed in 1955 and the rabbit remained at the building with the new business a pawn shop.

Wes Spicher Townsquare Media
Wes Spicher Townsquare Media

It has now found a new home in Dot's Rental store on Robison Road. The fully restored rabbit is in the store and is one of the unique features of this great Texarkana business.

Do you have another Texarkana Landmark we need to do a story on?

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