During my youth the thing to do was cruise Stateline on Friday and Saturday nights. We would cruise the line from the Burger King on the north end of the road to the triple J on the south side of the road. Every parking lot would be crowded as people just hung out and talked and also had a chance to check out each others cars and their huge booming stereos.

When I was just going out in the mid 80's, Spring lake park was the place to go, but the city actually blocked the road to prevent the cruisers from going through the park.

Each parking lot had their own crowd and my fondest memories are actually hanging out in the parking lot of the old Baskin Robbins ice cream store. Most of us were the stereo guys and took turns showing our huge stereo systems off to anyone who would come by to come check them out.

A few years later the police decided the best way to clear out the parking lots was to issue loitering tickets and that pretty much put an end to us parking in the lots on Stateline.

The cruise nights are back for us old folks, the Car Museum downtown puts together a car cruise on occasion and now all of us that have a great appreciation for the classics can check out the 'Hot Rod Power Tour' coming to town June 2nd. Check out all the details of the tour and also check out our contest where you can vote for your favorite hot rod photos  'Hot Rod Power Tour' contest.