Do your kids play with their food? I'm asking because I am a father of two kids -- ages 8 and 5. Back when I was a kid, I was told "Do not play with your food."

That really does not apply to my children.

But allow me to explain. Here is a little backstory to the video below of my kids, Grant and Addy.

My wife and I spend every Wednesday night having dinner with my mom. On this particular night, it was my birthday so we had a dinner of home-cooked food for the adults and chicken nuggets for the kids. My mom surprised me with a little chocolate cake for dessert after all it was my birthday.

The cake was, of course, home made but she had Reddi Wip out of a can to go on the top of the cake. Both of my kids "oohed and ahhed" over the cake but when I cut them a piece they had a little of it and told me that they didn't want any. They just wanted the Reddi Wip sprayed in their mouths. "Don't play with your food" indeed.

As a parent I really didn't care what they ate or how they ate it as long as they didn't make a big mess at Grandma's house. But it also got me to thinking how my parents would have reacted to such hijinks at dinner.

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