Wipe Away The Controversy: Over or Under?
In my house, like most of those around America, we use our toilet paper the more commonly used way -- with the paper roll going over the top. With my three-year-old and her fascination with the 'TP' as we call it, we have been actually turning the roll over the other way where the paper co…
Thankful For Family - 28 Days of Thanks
I was given a project by my managing editor of what I'm thankful for. This is part of the 28 days of thanks and what I am thankful for is easy, I am thankful for family.
Teen Forced to Sign ‘Mom Contract’ to Get iPhone
The day a teen gets his or her own iPhone is usually one of the happiest of their youth. They're finally seen as responsible, semi-independent individuals. However, this 13-year-old, whose mother decided to attach her own 18-point agreement of rules and guidelines in exchange for the phone, mig…

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