Did you know that every state in the United States has a nickname? But do you know what the nickname is for the state of Arkansas?

We live in a pretty unique area., we are part of a three-state region we call the Ark-la-tex. But let's be honest it is really a four-state area because Oklahoma is so close. Being in this four-state region we get to see license plates not only from our four-state area but other states as they travel through Texarkana.

I noticed that a lot of these license plates have a little saying on them and after a quick trip to the Google machine I found out that states actually have nicknames. If you read Mario's story from a couple of weeks ago you saw that states have a motto which is something I had absolutely no idea about, but I am pretty sure you can guess what each state in our area's nickname.


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No big surprise here as the Texas nickname is pretty much known by everyone.


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Well for Oklahoma they chose "The Sooner State" hmm I wonder if any Oklahoma State fans are miffed since they are the Cowboys?


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Louisiana is a little confused. They actually have three mottos. The Creole State, The Pelican State, and The Sugar State.


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We all know that the state motto of Arkansas is The Natural State. Did you know that Miller county representative Dennis Young passed legislation in 1995 to make The Natural State the official state motto?

I wanted to throw a funny one in for the state of Utah.

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I had no idea that there were any bees in Utah, but this is their state nickname.

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