Do you have a home security system? And if you do how many cameras do you have?

I asked this question on Wednesday and I was kinda surprised by the response. One person even asked why I wanted to know. The answer to him was pretty simple I had planned on writing an article on the subject and I was a little curious. According to this article on security cameras for your home or business the average number for a house was 4 and for a business was 16.

At my house, we have 3 cameras and I want to admit we use them more to check on my dogs than anything else. It started with one of those doorbell cameras. We get deliveries and it is once to be able to see them being delivered and the two-way conversation feature is nice if they have a question.

The article goes into detail about the areas you want to cover with your cameras and of course, for us, the driveway next to our garage and the front door were a big deal. Our backyard camera is nice to have for us to keep an eye on our two new dogs. They are in full view most of the day and it is a good piece of mind for my family to be able to 'check-in' on them to make sure they are ok. So our 3 cameras are on the low end of what is the normal 4 cameras per system.

Now at the radio station, we have cameras inside and out. The article said the average number of cameras in a business is 16 and we have a total of only 8. We have two inside and six outside. Of course, they help in keeping our building safe and secure. And who doesn't want that in a business with this many computers?

How many cameras do you have with your security system? And do you use them like we do, to keep an eye on your furbabies.


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