One of the most notorious killers in Texas folklore history was known as Leatherface which spawned the 1970s  cult classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. With Halloween right around the corner, would you be up for a road trip to Kingsland to dine at the original home seen in the movie?

This iconic home is now known as the Grand Central Café where visitors can dine in the white Victorian-style home that looks menacing the moment you pull into the driveway.

YouTube, KVUE

You can't but think while you're eating in the infamous dining room that Leatherface or something is watching you from around the corner. Make sure you order a burger because it comes with a knife stuck in the middle of the burger. After your meal head over to the bar and order a Leatherface lemonade or bloody massacre drink, don't ask what the ingredients are.


It's also been reported that this home is haunted by many folks who have visited here maybe because the house was originally in Round Rock but was moved in 1998 to Kingsland in several pieces, no pun intended.

However, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre bone-chilling experience doesn't end there you can eat slaughterhouse BBQ or stay in some comfy cabins, if you dare at the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station located in nearby Bastrop seen in the 2003 remake, according to Roadside America.


There's even an exact replica of the green vintage van seen in the movie parked out front for added effect, according to KVUE.


And if that's not enough get an autographed photo of Caroline Williams, featured in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 movie. You can also buy a little memorabilia, a piece of original plank taken from the Gas Station awning along with some other unique massacre items, perfect for the ultimate horror fan. Finally, you have to love the phone number to stay at this joint, 512-321-Saws! Bet you saw that coming, didn't you?

All I can say is if you decide to stay here for the night you better sleep with one eye open.

Texarkana, plan your road trip for either the Grand Central Café or Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station located between Dallas and Houston. And be on the lookout for Leatherface!

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