Did you know that Texarkana had a giant slide on Stateline?

I am a member of a Facebook group called 'Remember In Texarkana' and I found this video of the 'Sky Slide' in Texarkana.

The slide was built in 1968 a few years before my time on Stateline Avenue. In the video, you can see about where it was built on the Arkansas side.

A gentleman named Scott Pavey shared the video with me and had this to say about the video.

Over 50 years ago, our family started a new adventure on State Line, called the Sky Slide. It was very popular for a period of time. I don’t recall when we closed that business.

This old 8mm video shows the construction phase (hardly OSHA-approved) and scenes from its heyday. I left the video a little long so you could see how State Line Avenue looked a half century ago and also, so you could see the people on the slide. You might recognize some of the faces.

The little boys who were going down the slide feet-first on their stomachs were Brett and Kip Pavey. They were holding paraffin blocks to make the slide slicker and the rides faster.

And the dog? That was Buddy, our German Shepherd. He enjoyed the slide also.

Do you remember the 'Sky Slide'?

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