Dave Almond will perform at Fat Jack's for the Myranda Perez benefit Sunday.

Myranda was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at twenty one and had a partial tibia and complete knee replacement. Tragically before here five year mark which would have meant complete remission a tumor  was found in her pancreas.

The doctors had to perform major surgery, but were successful in removing the tumor. Myranda is a fighter but needs your help in her ongoing battle with this deadly disease.

Come out to the fundraiser on Sunday at Fat Jack's and enjoy some great food, and live music.

Dave brings a fresh mix of Americana, blues and folk music to the stage at the legendary Fat Jack's. From the ever classic song "the Joneses" to "The Ol' Double Cross," Dave brings his style into everything he plays. Check out this video of Dave Almond and Trey Johnson performing "Joneses."

The music is only part of the great atmosphere. Fat Jacks has some of the best food and drinks in the Ark-La-Tex. Fat Jack's is on Stateline in Texarkana.