During a graduation ceremony the unexpected happened for one student - addressing his graduating class.

During the 'Feel Good Friday' segment of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show this morning (June 15th) a very proud mother called in to share her feel good moment of the week when her graduating senior, who has autism, addressed his graduating class of more than 1000 students.

Working with his brother, who is a brain tumor survivor, along with his mom, Sef Scott prepared for this moment for a little more than seven weeks before graduation. Sef's mom told The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, that only a few members of the graduation committee knew about this surprise and what was going to happen.  Not even his family members attending his graduation knew about his speech until his name was called and he approached the podium.

While addressing the Plano Senior High School Class of 2018, Sef delivered a moving message on the 'Unexpected' and was concluded with a standing ovation from the more than 20,000 in attendance.

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