Power 95-9 is declaring May 'Heroes Month' and we want to recognize heroes in our community.

Nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians., doctors, teachers, police, they’re all in the front lines even now more than ever during this time COVID-19, coronavirus. Most times they work in the background simply doing their jobs. But we think now more than ever it’s time to give them the recognition they deserve.

Here are some of our local Heros we want to highlight and what they mean to our community.

Michael Harper

Michael Harper works at Lifenet as an RN on their helicopter, before he became a nurse he was a paramedic and worked on the ambulance where he was a field training officer. He also works at Wadley in the ER and is a paramedic instructor at Texarkana college. In 2019 he was nominated by his peers for Steward if the Community award. Almost every week he works around 100 hours. He holds numerous certificates in the medical field. He is always furthering his education and knowledge. He truly enjoys his job and helping others, He’s very good at what he does, all you have to do is ask one of his patients!

Kristen Coker

Kristen is a police officer for TAPD and an EMT with Lifenet. She is dedicated to helping and serving the people in her community. She always arrives to work early and leaves late. During her training with the Pd she pushed herself to be the best officer she could be, she wouldn’t settle for anything less. Once she sets her mind to something she does whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Her first year as an officer she made the SWAT team, making her the first female to ever be on TAPDs SWAT team.

Joanne Pappas

Mrs. Pappas is by far the most understanding, caring, and devoted teacher. She strives to make sure that each and every student is heard. She makes her classroom, online and on campus, a safe place for every student.

We want to spotlight the local people doing extraordinary things for all of us all month long with all that is going on now more than ever.

We will are highlighting these men and women three times each weekday and salute each of them for the incredible work they are doing. On Monday we will announce three winners that are randomly selected. One nominee from the medical professional category, one teacher, and one police office. They will each receive a 100 gift card as our way of saying thank you.

Heroes month is brought to you by Hobbs manufactured homes and Texarkana

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