Not long ago, the website pointed out that in her hit song "Girl on Fire," Alicia Keys threw in some lyrics from another song called "Hey There Lonely Girl", a #2 hit in 1970 for singer Eddie Holman.  The website also reported that Alicia did not list that song's composer in the "Girl on Fire" credits.  Now, the composer wants payback. reports that Earl Shuman, the 89-year-old co-writer of "Hey There Lonely Girl," is "unamused" that Alicia has appropriated his lyrics and melody in "Girl on Fire."  While Shuman tells the website that while he likes Alicia's song, he would like to get paid for it, and he wants the estate of his late co-writer, Leon Carr, to make some money as well.

The specific point in question in Alicia's song comes at 2:24 into the track, where she sings, "Nobody knows that she's a lonely girl/And it's a lonely world."

Shuman says that both Anita Baker and the Beastie Boys have used portions of "Hey There Lonely Girl" and he was able to work it out with them to receive credit.  The website writes, "Earl Shuman has a good lawyer, and he’s on the case."  Your move, Alicia.