The Texarkana Animal League presents 'Yappy Hour' at Scottie's Grill in Texarkana Sunday September 24.

The event will be on Sunday afternoon from 4 til 7. You can enjoy some great food and drinks, take part in the silent auction, and you can even enjoy some great music from the sweet nothings. There will be a small cover charge and 10 percent of all food sales will go to the Texarkana Animal League.
The Texarkana Animal league is a group of community wide volunteers that have a singular purpose to help the animals in the Texarkana area. The Texarkana Animal league is not the local animal shelter, but they assist them in many ways.

The Animal league assists the community with the Spay and Neuter Assistance Program, and the Rescue Assistance Program which is a foster programs for dogs and cats. They also support the Noel's Fund, which is a program to educate and service projects to assist the animal league's belief that all animals are deserving of life, respect and care.

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