Christmas in April may sound a little silly to you but it is perfect for my family. I have been married almost six years and I have been blessed to be married to a large family that is no stranger to the big get togethers. The reason for Christmas in April is pretty simple. My mother in laws family is so spread out during the holidays that they agreed it would be easier to get together in April right after Easter to do their traditional Christmas party. It is pretty neat to have this happening this month. My son loves it and all of the kids have a great time. The food is terrific as usual with all of the traditional grilling and BBQ fare for us to eat. The highlight of the night is the White elephant gift exchange. I have received some pretty comical gifts over the years from a chia head to a large portrait of naked supermodels. The picture is my uncle Mike opening the gift he picked which was a large gift wrapped in a trash bag, with a pretty ribbon to dress it up. The gift turned out to be a washer, corn hole game from the Bass Pro Shops.