The Power95-9 app. has a couple of new features we know you will love. You can now play the cash contest through the app, but the big deal is the new alarm feature.

Here is a shot of our app home screen showing you the new features.

Wes Spicher Townsquare media
Wes Spicher Townsquare media

You can see the new alarm feature that is circled on the app. Also just to the left is the contest button, so you can enter the cash contest.

With the Power 9-9 app, you will get the latest music, movie and TV news as well as stuff that matters to you like local news, events and of course you can stream us anywhere anytime.

You can listen to your favorite jocks like the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, Wes in the midday Dan Patrick in the afternoon and Jackson Blue at night.

The best part is that you can be interactive with the shows you know and love. Just send a tweet, or call the show directly from the app.  The app is even compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto modes let you stay focused on the road while listening.

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