Dumb laws exist everywhere, If it is an old out-of-date law or just something so odd to be believed, there are some dumb laws that still exist in the natural state of Arkansas.

Here are 10 dumb laws that still exist in Arkansas.

1. No Dog Barking after 6. In Little Rock-It is illegal for dogs to bark after 6 pm.  I know in Texarkana it is not an issue until after 10:30 pm.

2. No Flirting. In Little Rock-It is illegal for men and women to flirt on the streets and they could spend 30 days in jail.

3. Legal Domestic Violence? All of Arkansas-It is legal for a man to beat his wife once a month. Are you kidding? I'm not sure how long this has been on the books, but this needs to be changed now.

4. Alligators in Bathtubs. Alligators cannot be kept in a bathtub in Arkansas. Well I for one feel like this is important since alligators should not be kept as pets. But I guess with this law you could keep one in your backyard pool?

5. Parking at a drive-thru restaurant. You cannot pull into and leave a drive-thru restaurant without parking first. Not sure how they would enforce this one.

6. No killing anything. In Fayetteville-It is illegal to kill any living creature. They do know this is Arkansas right? Where the entire state gets the first day of deer season off from school.

7. Mispronouncing Arkansas. It is illegal to mispronounce Arkansas, who enforces this law? I have heard some folks mispronounce it Ar Kansas.

8. Walking Your Cow. In Little Rock-It is illegal to walk your cow down Main street after 1 pm on Sunday. I guess it is ok only other time of the day or for that matter any other day of the week.

9. Horn honking. It is illegal to honk your horn after 9 pm in any place that cold drinks are served. I guess that covers bars and restaurants.

10 Teacher Raises. If a Teacher wants a raise they cannot get a bob haircut. Wow this one is so silly.

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