The Texarkana Parks and Recreation Department needs your help in a fundraiser to help beautify the Bringle Lake Spillway.

Erin Rogers has organized this fundraiser for the spillway. She had this to say about the specific needs for the project.

We now have a more accurate estimate of what the paint will cost, not including tape and other supplies to make this possible. Using masonry/stucco paint that is weather resistent, crack and peeling resistent will put us around $2700.


On April 13th, the first phase of the Bringle Lake Spillway Art Park will begin. There will be volunteers to help in the process from Texas A&M and their "Big Event". You can help the Texarkana, Texas Parks and Recreation make this transformation possible by donating. Phase one will include painting the sidewalks and archway, along with cleaning up litter in this area of the lake.

Phase two is when the bridge will be painted, along with the mural by local artist Joel Wright. And phase three will be an interactive art installation, bringing people together and creating a destination point for the park.

There was a community poll, the color palette has been determined. Your donations will help in purchasing supplies and paint for this first phase.

For more information, contact Erin Rogers at

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