You can help Texarkana families in need by attending the Bramlett "Beans and Cornbread" fundraiser from 11 until 1 on Thursday, December 1 in Texarkana. 

You will be able to enjoy beans and cornbread for lunch on Thursday, December 1 for the 24th annual Bramlett Beans and Cornbread Community Fundraiser hosted by former Mayor James Bramlett and the Texarkana, Texas Parks and Recreation Department. This is the second year in its new location at the Texarkana Texas Convention Center 4610 Cowhorn Creek Road in Texarkana Texas.

This is what they had to say about the upcoming fundraiser:

This annual fundraiser was founded by former Texarkana, Texas Mayor James Bramlett with a goal to reach as many families in need as possible. All proceeds from the luncheon will go towards the Christmas Basket program, a local effort that allows volunteers to provide food to families living in Texarkana. You are asked to bring either $5 or a donation of 6 non-perishable food items as payment for the lunch

Suggested non-perishable items canned goods, soups, veggies, fruits, stews, tuna, and canned chicken. You can also donate packaged goods like rice, macaroni, pasta, and sauces. Other items that will be accepted include instant potatoes, instant oatmeal, grits, cereals, toaster pastries, and snack cakes. You can also donate necessities like flour, sugar, and cornmeal or assorted dry beans, crackers, cookies, candy, and peanut butter.

You will also be able to purchase local pottery made by Texas High School students. For more information please call the Texarkana Parks and Recreation Department at 903 798 3978.

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