Several felons were caught carrying weapons last week, you can't do that, it will get you arrested for sure. Plus, two estray goats were impounded, not arrested, just impounded, which isn't too baaaaaad.  The work of your deputies in the Bowie County Sheriff's Department is, diverse, to say the least. Your weekly report is ready, prepared by Chief Deputy Robby McCarver, for the week of June 13 - 19, 2022.

If you missed last week's report, it's right here.


Deadly Conduct-North State Line Avenue Texarkana

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia-Hickory Street Redwater, cited: Kayla Janette Irvin

Theft Over $100 and Under $750-Red Oak Drive Texarkana, taken: cellular phone (unknown brand)

Theft Over $750 and Under $2500-Daniels Chapel Road New Boston, taken: 2 GM 350ci engine assemblies, clutch assembly, Springfield .22 caliber rifle

Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying Information-Custer Street Hooks

Assault Causing Bodily Injury (family violence)-South Lake Drive Texarkana

Warrant Service (Probation Violation for Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, arrested: Tyrone Lamar Kirkendall

Warrant Service (Probation Violation for Possession of a Controlled Substance)-West New Boston Road Hooks, arrested: Jonathon Blake Smith



Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon-Birch Street Maud

Criminal Mischief Under $100-Lynch Street New Boston

Violation of a Protective Order, Assault Causing Bodily Injury (family violence)-Summer Lane Maud

Warrant Service (Burglary of a Building)-South Lake Drive Texarkana, arrested: William Scott England

Jail Sanction (Possession of a Controlled Substance)-North State Lien Avenue Texarkana, arrested: Tory Deshean Williams

Warrant Service (Probation Violation for Harassment)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, arrested: Charles Thomas Routier

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Getty Images


Burglary of a Vehicle-Mores Lane Texarkana, taken: personal check, U.S. Currency, arrested: Keyni Jarneliusde Williams and a black male juvenile

Evading Arrest in a Vehicle-U.S. Highway 67 Texarkana, arrested: Brittany Nicole Cash

Hindering a Secured Creditor-South Lake Drive Texarkana

Death Investigation-Chaparral Street Texarkana

Jail Sanction (Possession of a Controlled Substance and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, arrested: Markel Demorris Sims

Warrant Service (Fail to Appear on Possession of a Controlled Substance)-Kings Highway Nash, arrested: Caleb Antonio Young

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Prohibited Substance or Item in a Correctional Facility-West Front Street Texarkana

Theft Over $100 and Under $750-Will Smith Road Texarkana, taken: Stihl MS250 chainsaw, Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw

Warrant Service (Criminal Mischief over $100 and Under $750)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, arrested: Tamara Baird

Warrant Service (Hold for other Agency-Simultaneous Possession of Drug and Firearms)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, arrested: Brandon Earl Martin

A Deputy Sheriff Badge


Public Intoxication-Country Paradise Lane Texarkana, arrested: Trent Hebig

Assault Causing Bodily Injury (family violence), warrant service (traffic)-George Thomas Road Texarkana, arrested: Amber French (arrested only on warrants)

Warrant Service (Parole Violation out of Arkansas)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, arrested: Terral Montray Daniels

Warrant Service (Probation Violation for Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information, traffic)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, arrested: Lindsey Lee Brown

Jail Commitment (Prohibited Weapon)-North State Line Avenue Texarkana, arrested: William Thomas Fugate

Warrant Service (Theft Over $2,500 and Under $30,000)-Private Road 11231 Maud, arrested: Ronny Downs Jr.

Flashing blue grill lights in the grill of a marked Sheriff's patrol vehicle.


Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon with Prior Felony Conviction-Fountain View Drive Texarkana, arrested: James Hector Olivo

Death Investigation-County Road 4306 Dekalb

Found Property-West Front Street Texarkana, recovered: black cellular phone

Abandoned Vehicle-County Road 4265 Dekalb, impounded: 1994 Acura Integra (grey in color)

Burglary of a Vehicle-Spring Ridge Drive Texarkana, taken: men’s wedding band, medications, license plate

Estray Livestock-Geneva Road Texarkana, impounded: two goats

Criminal Trespass, Evading Arrest with Previous Conviction-Broadway Street Maud, arrested: Brittany Conkleton

Public Intoxication-West 7th Street Texarkana, arrested: Steven Wade Burton

Fail to Identify (fugitive from justice), Warrant Service (Possession of a Controlled Substance)-West 7th Street Texarkana, arrested: Hal Chasen Lewis Jr.

Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon, Possession of a Controlled Substance (methamphetamine) Over 1 Gram and Under 4 Grams, Possession of Marijuana Under 2 Ounces-County Road 1102 Maud, arrested: Dusty Ray Odom


Theft Over $100 and Under $750-County Road 4240 Simms, taken: Link brand cellular game camera

Warrant Service (multiple traffic)-Presley Road Texarkana, arrested: William Allen Hayes Jr.

burazin, Getty Images
burazin, Getty Images


22 People Arrested by BCSO
64 People Arrested by Other Law Enforcement Agencies and Turned to BCSO
19/5 Civil Papers Cleared/Served by BCSO


122 Inmates Transported to Court
8 Inmates Transported to the Texas Department of Corrections
11 Inmates Transported for Medical Treatment
16 Inmates Transported for Other Reasons

157 Total Number of Persons Transported (Except Arrests by BCSO)

3,801 Total number of Miles Driven for Above Listed Transports

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