Who in Texarkana knows how to cook scrambled eggs just right? My very first, number one pick leads the pack by a long way. Here is where I find the best scrambled eggs in Texarkana.

There is a fine art to getting scrambled eggs just right. Cooking scrambled eggs sounds like it should be a no-brainer. Just crack the eggs in a bowl and stir then cook but there is so much more to it. To get the eggs just right you can’t turn the heat up too high or cook them too long. You must stir them a lot to get the creamiest, fluffiest eggs. The mistake I’ve made is adding milk thinking it would make them taste better but it turns out I was doing that wrong too. And finally, the experts say to not season them until they are done cooking or it will break the eggs down.

My favorite place in Texarkana for scrambled eggs does them so good that I even enjoy them cold.

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    1720 Richmond Road, Texarkana, Texas

    These are my favorite scrambled eggs of all time. The eggs are so yummy and cooked to perfection. Grandy's is open Sunday through Thursday 6AM–9:30PM, and Friday and Saturday 6AM–10PM in case you want to try them for yourself. They do not serve breakfast all day so make sure you go in the morning.

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    329 E 51st St. Texarkana, Ark.

    IHOP's scrambled eggs are good although, I'm usually all into the waffle creations they make when I hit this restaurant for breakfast. They are open 24 hours a day, every day, and serve breakfast whenever you want it.

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    Three Chicks Cafe

    These ladies know how to cook a home style breakfast. I prefer their scrambled eggs in their western omelet. Open Monday through Saturday 8AM to 3PM.

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    Old Tyme Burger Shoppe

    1205 Arkansas Blvd., Texarkana, Ark.

    Old Tyme Burger Shoppe is just a hop, skip and jump down the road from the radio station so I go there often to pick up breakfast. The breakfast special includes eggs however you want them and I always get bacon. They are open Sundays 10AM–2PM; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 6AM–3PM; and Thursday, Friday and Saturday 6AM–7PM.

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    CHRISTUS St. Michael Cafeteria

    2600 St Michael Dr, Texarkana, Texas

    You may be surprised about this one but the CHRISTUS St. Michael Cafeteria serves up a mean breakfast. Now if you are a patient, you may not get all of the best goodies because some of the diet requirements for your stay. The cafeteria is open to the public and is located on the first floor, serves a variety of selections from 6:30AM to 8PM, Monday through Friday and from 6:30AM to 7:30PM, Saturday and Sunday.