The weather is warming up and it's time to get out and enjoy the sunshine with the kids. Did you know there are 18 public playgrounds in Texarkana? Here is where to find the best playgrounds in Texarkana, no matter which side of the Texas-Arkansas state line you are on.

Check out this list of the best playgrounds in Texarkana. Click on the "Directions to Park" link in each photo to find out how to get there.

  • 1

    Spring Lake Park

    4303 North Park Road, Texarkana, Texas

    This park is the heart and pride of the Texarkana, Texas park system. The park in total is 145 acres with nice playground units next to the pond with access to public bathrooms, picnic tables and pavilions for shade.

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  • 2

    Bobby Ferguson Park

    U of A Way, Texarkana, Ark.

    This park has two playground areas with good spots to sit and watch the kids play. Public bathrooms, which we know are a must.

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  • 3

    Grady T. Wallace Park

    3315 Leopard Drive Texarkana, Texas

    Located in the Liberty-Eylau area of Texarkana. This park has more than 70 acres and offers multiple playground areas with access to public restrooms, which is always a plus.

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  • 4

    Kidtopia Park

    201 Oak Street, Texarkana, Texas

    One playground set but it has multiple ways to play and enjoy.

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  • 5

    Bringle Lake Park

    7602 Bringle Lake Rd, Texarkana, Texas

    Bringle Lake Park West is located at 7602 Bringle Lake Road, alongside University Drive and neighboring to the Texas A&M Texarkana Campus and the Texarkana Golf Ranch. This seven-acre park has covered playground equipment. 

    Bringle Lake Park East is located on Bringle Lake Park Roadadjacent to University Drive. It is secluded on the east side of Bringle Lake with playground equipment for the kids.

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  • 6

    Vera Bradfield Park

    616 Euclid Street, Texarkana, Ark.

    This park has one playground unit. The public bathrooms are located in the community center. There are a few benches and tables to sit while the kids play.

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  • 7

    Beverly Park

    2612 New Boston Road, Texarkana, Texas

    This park is centrally located between Summerhill and Robison Roads. It is a great place to escape in the middle of the day's errands and let the kids get some of that energy out before you head back out to your daily chores. It is a heavily wooded area with great shade and features playground equipment and a picnic area.

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  • 8

    Bell Park

    3208 Lincoln St. Texarkana, Texas

    Located just south of College Drive in the heart of “New Town.” This four-acre neighborhood park has four sets of various playground equipment, picnic tables and renovated public restrooms.

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  • 9

    Karrh Park

    2102 South Ann Street, Texarkana, Texas

    Located just off Highway 59 South, playground equipment and public restrooms.

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  • 10

    Findley Park

    410 Findley Street, Texarkana, Texas

    Located just off of 59 South with some playground equipment.

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  • 11

    Scott Joplin Park

    1621 West Street, Texarkana, Texas

    This seven-acre park is located just off of Highway 59 in south Texarkana and has various play equipment, public restrooms and a pavilion with picnic tables.

  • 12

    Bramble Park

    1002 Ferguson Street, Texarkana, Ark.

    This small park is west of East Street and has one playground set, benches and public bathrooms.

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  • 13

    Hobo Jungle Park

    Division and Roberts Streets, Texarkana, Ark.

    This is a large park with one playground area, benches and bathrooms.

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  • 14

    Senator Street Park

    East 28th and Senator Streets, Texarkana, Ark.

    This is a very small park with a swing set and slide. No bathrooms.

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  • 15

    Sandflat/Glendale Park/Neighborhood Center

    209 East 14th Street, Texarkana, Ark.

    A very small park with a community center. There is one playground, benches and the bathrooms are located inside the center.

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  • 16

    George Williams and Ernest Hill Park

    Siebert and Preston Streets, Texarkana, Ark.

    This park has one playground set, benches but no bathrooms.

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  • 17

    Jefferson Park

    East 12th and Jefferson Avenue, Texarkana, Ark.

    This park has multiple playgrounds with one being for toddlers. There are plenty of places to sit but there are no bathrooms at this park yet.

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  • 18

    Inghram Park

    Preston and Des Moines Streets, Texarkana, Ark.

    This park has a playground, benches and bathrooms.

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