The State of Arkansas has just added a new number that motorists can all in non-emergency situations.

We all know about dialing 911 in case of an emergency, but what do you do if it's urgent but not an emergency? Arkansas has revamped its non-emergency number. *277 is a new way that motorists can call in various road issues like dangerous stuff in the road. Believe me, I know all about that when I hit a landscaping timber on the new loop by our office. They can also use it for stranded motorists, suspicious activities, and even those crazy road rage drivers.

This number is available through a partnership with AT&T, Verizon, and T Moblie which will let drivers call the *277 or *ASP number to report those non-emergencies. This service is available to all motorists through the Natural State. The Arkansas State Highway Department had this to say about the new service.

In 2019 Arkansas had 36 million people that were tourists or business travelers in our state. So, people that come and visit our state, we want to be a friendly state and give them a way to contact law enforcement if we need it.

Starting later this month there will be a rollout of over 200 signs promoting the new *277 non-emergency number. These signs will be installed in the Little Rock area and then begin to be installed across the state. These signs will be posted in 30-mile increments so that motorists can easily find them. The project is expected to take about 6 weeks.

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