A dangerous woman and a resilient one, too — Ariana Grande has just confirmed she does, indeed plan to tour in support of her latest album, Sweetener, in spite of recent insinuations that she was too heartbroken to hit the road after a truly tragic year.

Grande, whose most recent album dropped in August, was responding to a series of fan questions on Twitter Monday (October 22) when she noticed a fan asked about a potential Sweetener tour. And she gave some encouraging and, frankly, unexpected news: she's ready to get the wheels in motion.

"i’m ready <3 my heart needs it actually
finalizing a few more things but i’m tryna get em dates to u asap," she wrote to relentless fan excitement.

"i’m so proud of you thank you for being a role model for all of us and kicking anxiety in the ass," one follower wrote, while another noted "can’t wait for the build up, i can’t wait to know when the next time i’m gonna see you is, i can’t wait for you to be on the road w all your friends, for live streams, to love n support you n beam with proud every night...this is so exciting."

Grande, whose last tour came to a standstill in May 2017 when a terrorist detonated a bomb at her Manchester, England show, encountered even more pain earlier this year when her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller died of an overdose. Ultimately, the trend of suffering compelled her to break off her engagement from Pete Davidson, and she confirmed on October 10 that she was taking a "break" from music, giving fans reason to believe the Sweetener era might end without more live sets.

"this era is beautiful to me but idk. been thru hell and back and i'm doing my best to keep going. thought this would make u laugh while u wait for the real one bc i took a break to take care of myself for a lil while," Grande noted.

Ariana Grande Can't Stop Squinting

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