With the end of mandatory full service gas stations in Oregon I wondered if there were any stations in the Texarkana area that offer full service?

As a kid I remember a full service station on 7th street in the Rose Hill neighborhood, Red was the guys name and he would fill up my parent's car and top off all of the fluids and even clean the wind shield. Mr. Guyton was my neighbor from down the street and the trips to the gas station would also have a little treat. I would get a sucker from him before we left.

I looked up the closest full service gas stations to us and the nearest to us is on Dallas of course. The Washington Post did a story that in Oregon in counties with populations of more than 40,000 and in the state of New Jersey and the city of Huntington New York they cannot pump their own gas. In Oregon the law has been repealed and now Oregonians can pump their own gas and many do not want any part of the new freedom.

We did a story last year and someone told us that you could still get full service gas at Chandlers on 9th Street. I am curious is they offer that service, but I want to know if there any more full service gas station in the Texarkana area?

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