Are red wasps the most dangerous wasps in Arkansas?

Red wasps or paper wasps and German Yellow Jackets are the most dangerous wasps in the United States Arkansas included. And it is that time of the year, wasp season. I am allergic so I make sure I am not on their literal radar. I have had some pretty bad experiences with wasps over the years.


Once when I was around 10 we were on a swing set in my neighbor's back yard and I was literally attacked by yellow jackets. The result was an ice bath to get my poor face to quit swelling up to three times its normal size.

But the real question is why do these red wasps seem to be so aggressive? And how do we get rid of the problem altogether? Here is some insight on these pests from the Arkansas Arthropod system website:

Typical paper wasps are relatively unaggressive, but red wasps have been known to be quite aggressive, delivering painful stings. They do not lose their stingers and are able to sting repeatedly. The best time to attempt to control paper wasps, including red wasps, is after dark.

If you are like most people, red wasps tend to be a big problem. At my house, they always seem to get in the house somehow. And they scare my wife and kids too. So I found a way to combat them and this video shows you everything you need to do to get rid of these pests without chemicals.

After watching the video I noticed online that there are a couple of fake hornet nests available for sale to keep those red wasps away. Do you have any other way to keep those red wasps away from your house?

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