Everything is going high tech these days, even April Fools' Day jokes. But not every joke has to be over the top. If you need some ideas for fun and unique pranks today is your lucky day - read on.

Wouldn't it be great to prank someone from a distance so you can laugh without being caught? Or come up with a joke that is harmless, funny and hasn't been done before, at least not in your circle of friends or family.

Here's a list to help you prank your friends and family:

Remote Controlled Pests -- Among many other creepy creatures, you can get remote controlled black widows and cockroaches. A video of their reaction is a must!

Mildew Lunch Bag -- Get this lunch bag for your spouse or kid and gross them out. I just hate that I didn't think of this in time to send my stepson's lunch this morning.

Auto Caps Lock -- This gadget automatically presses the "caps lock" button at random times and causes great annoyance to people who KNOW they did not press it.

Shock Mouse -- This computer mouse offers a jolt whenever someone lays a hand on it. A great way to keep people OFF of your computer when you aren't around.

Quick, Last Minute Ideas -- Write notes on the bookkeeper's adding machine tape and roll it back up so it doesn't show until later. Put tape over the ear piece on the phone and watch as the person instinctively starts yelling because they can't hear anything.

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