The Applebees in Texarkana is doing the unthinkable $1 margaritas for the entire month of October.

If you find something for a dollar it usually is not much, a small burger, a drink that does not even come close to quenching your thirst. Applebees is making your dollar worth a whole lot more with $1 dollar margaritas. Applebees launches their Neighborhood Appreciation month with their "dollarita" at participating locations.

This sounds too good to be true but I called the local Applebees and they are participating. The $1 Margaritas are from open to close and of course are for dine-in only.

With Margaritas, this cheap, happy hour just got a little easier on the wallet. This is a game changer, with Margaritas this cheap you should have more money for dinner, go ahead splurge get the large nachos. You know that I need to say to be safe and be responsible with your drinking and driving.

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