Angry Birds Space launches today on Apple iOS and Android devices, as well as PCs and Macintosh computers. "From the weightlessness of space to the gravity wells of nearby planets, fans can have fun with physics as they try out new gameplay possibilities," says Ville Heijari, a vice president for Rovio, which released the original 'Angry Birds' game in December 2009.
Since then, the Espoo, Finland-based game studio has had more than 700 million downloads of its Angry Birds games in which players propel the birds at a crew of pigs who stole their eggs. The original game and various offshoots, such as Angry Birds Seasons and the movie tie-in release, Angry Birds Rio, are free; others are 99 cents to $2.99 for versions with more levels or the absence of ads. Similar pricing is expected for the new game.
The new game has some of the best features of the previous versions but adds new looks and super powers to the five original characters, plus a new character that will be able to turn things to ice with just their touch. The 'Angry Birds' franchise has a very big appeal to people of all ages. But this new release is one of those put up or shut up moments, that will show if Rovio is not just a one hit wonder.
Will you download the new 'Angry Birds Space' game?

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