The Ruby Tuesday restaurant corporation, which owns nearly 724 locations, recently completed a review of its corporate-owned restaurants and made the decision to close 95 poor performing restaurants. Ruby Tuesday has a location in Texarkana on St. Michael Drive, which we learned from local employees on Friday will not close.

The 95 locations are scheduled to be closed next month by September 2016. The Ruby Tuesday company has 724 total restaurants, 646 of that number are company-operated. The company is calling the closures its "Fresh Start Initiative" and is a company decision to streamline the organization, improve the overall financial profitability, and create long-term value for shareholders.

The company outlined a plan to relocate employees to nearby locations.

A Ruby Tuesday Spokesperson, Christine Beggan, was unable to get too specific with us when initially asked about the company's plans.

“Our Fresh Start Initiative is designed to improve our financial profitability and ultimately create a stronger Ruby Tuesday for the future. While the decision to close restaurants has been extremely difficult, it is a necessary step as we take aggressive actions to strengthen our organization. We will be sharing the information on specific restaurant closures in the coming days. We look forward to continuing to serve our loyal guests at our many other Ruby Tuesday restaurants across the country," she said.