Today is 'Flashback Friday' and I wanted you to know everything about the rapper Vanilla Ice.

1. Vanilla Ice was born on October 31, 1967, in south Dallas. His real name is Robert Mathew Van Winkle. He was raised in south Florida,

2. His very first music release was in 1989 and his album 'Hook' was released on Ichiban records. This album was re-released with the major label EMI and was renamed 'To The Extreme' and had his hits 'Ice Ice Baby' which he wrote at the age of 16, and Play That Funky Music'.

3. He got his nickname 'Vanilla' from his childhood friends who he 'breakdanced' with. He was the only white member of their dance group.

4. He was a big motocross rider and racer in the mid-'80s and even won a few trophies. After breaking his ankle his focus turned to dance and music.

5. He has appeared in a few movies and was featured in the movie 'Coll As Ice' and has been in various TV shows including 'Dancing With The Stars'. He hosts a TV show on the DIY network called 'The Vanilla Ice Project' and it is currently in its 8th season.,


Bonus. Did you know he even dated Madonna in the 1990's?

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