Mardi Gras on Front Street Plaza will take place on March 2 and here are 5 things you need to know before the big day.

1. Bayou Boogie is the theme for this year. Come celebrate all of the great musical histories that Texarkana has to offer. See great floats and cars all in their musical decorations.

2. What time does the parade start?  At 11 AM 'The Krewe of Barkus, Meoux and Little Rascals' parade will have pets and kids of all ages to enter and can include decorating wagons, bikes, strollers, tricycles, and wheelchairs. At 1 pm the 'Zany Cajun Parade' with golf carts, side by sides, and ATV's. At 3 pm The 'Krewe of Koinonia Parade' featuring Mardi Gras floats, antique and classic vehicles

3. Kid friendly the focus of this event from the first year is to be kid-friendly, unlike the Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans this celebration is great fun for everyone.

4. There will be beads. Of course, there will be beads thrown from the various floats and even cars ATV's and Jeeps. Be careful to not dart out in the road, let them throw them to you.

5.Mardi Gras Shoebox Floats. This contest open for all age groups and categories from amateur to professional. Each category will be judged and prizes will be awarded.  You can download rules, information and entry form here.

Bonus here is the parade route for you.

Melissa Sawyer Texarkana Celebrates Downtown
Melissa Sawyer Texarkana Celebrates Downtown

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