Texarkana is a pretty unique place and may not be for everyone. Here are five reasons you should never move to Texarkana.

1. The Food choices may be a little overwhelming.

No matter what you like from Indian cuisine to good ole crawdads, even a great steak you will find it here.

2. Traffic jams are non existent.

Wes Spicher Townsquare media

The average commute time in town is only 16 minutes. The only area in town where traffic is an issue is on the Richmond road area because of all the retail stores and restaurants. Heck my commute to work is only 6 minutes. My sister who lives in Dallas says her average commute is almost an hour. No thank you.

3. Live music is everywhere.

No matter what your taste in music is Texarkana has it. If you like Classical Jazz even good Ole Rock and Roll there are plenty of venues including the Perot theatere that offer music of genres for your listening pleasure.

4. The Cost of Living here is way too cheap.


Did you know that the cost of housing in Texarkana is 37 percent below the national average. If you are willing to live in Arkansas you can save even more on taxes.


5. Outdoor Recreation is everywhere.

If you are an outdoor fan there is plenty to do here. There are beautiful city parks and of course lakes that you can fish in as well as water ski and just enjoy the great outdoors.