With all of the talk of people moving to the south for the great weather and easy living, Texarkana comes to mind. It is a big small city it is close to some great outdoor recreation and is centrally locate to some big cities like Little Rock and Dallas.

With its great schools and small town feel Texarkana is a great place to live but there are a few things some of you need to know before you plan on moving here in the future.

The Smell


The smell here* is quite bad, not the kind of smell you want your kids to experience. And in the summer it is downright horrible.

Fouke Monster

Just a little south of Texarkana is where the Fouke Monster** resides. A cross between a bigfoot and a Yeti he is responsible for the disappearance of many hikers to the area.



Did you know that we are sitting on 14 different fault lines*** and could be swallowed up by an earthquake at any time? There have been some powerful ones in the past and the next 'big one' could come tomorrow.


Richard Heathcote
Getty Images Sport

The armadillo may look cute, but they are dangerous rabid beasts**** that roam the streets of our fine town. Armadillos are dangerous when you are driving as well.



Do you know we are number one on the list for a Zombie apocalypse?***** Yes with prime areas to hide we will soon be the next spawning ponit just like 'The Walking Dead'.

*The smell here is quite nice for the most part.

**The only Fouke Monster we have seen is at the Monster Mart.

***Well there is the Mexia-Talco fault line, which runs through much of Northeast Texas. But the chance of an earthquake is pretty slim.

****Armadillos are pretty common but the most harm they do is if they run out in front of your car.

*****Zombies, probably not. But you never know.