I was so surprised to get a gift card for $1000 in the mail to go toward a hearing aid. I double checked the envelope and sure enough, it had my name on it. I do not have a hearing impairment.

If you want this gift card as well as the other coupons for hearing aid supplies, just let me know. If I get a huge response I will put everyone's name in a hat and draw a winner on Friday.

The offer says that I can transfer it to family or friends so we are not doing anything shady. I would hate to see it go to waste. Email your name and contact information to me (I will not sell it like these people sold my information) to MimiCampbell@TownsquareMedia.com.

Here are the goods

It just goes to show how far the companies dig to get information to sell their products. My name was on my dad's patient form when he went for a hearing test a few years ago. I am constantly getting offers for insurance options now too so watch who you give your name and address to as many companies sell information for the purposes of marketing.