If you live in Texarkana you live in one of two states Texas or Arkansas. But we all know that living in the south, especially in this region there are certain things we say differently than anywhere in the United States.

Here is a list of 10 slang words that you need to know to be a true Texan.

1. Y’all.

It is a term we all use but it is used to describe a small group of people. You all just sounds funny to me. My poor phone has the most trouble with this word when I do the talk to text.

2. Prolly

Prolly is short for probably I have seen this used more times on social media posts when people are using it in general conversation. I do not use this term at all but my little girl Addy uses it often.

BBQ in Lockhart, Texas
Brianna May

3. Corn Fed.

A tern for big, even huge. I use it to describe football players mostly like those guys look like they are 'corn fed'. And I have had people say I was 'corn fed'.

4. Dadgum

A kinder gentler word to use instead of a cruse word. Well dadgum that is a big problem. You know 'Mater' used dadgum a lot in the 'Cars' movies,


5. Pitchin a hissy fit.

Another name for a tantrum or just getting way too mad over something. I have heard someone in our office talking about pitching a hissy fit over a small problem. It is pretty funny when you hear adults say this.

6. Bless your heart

For those folks not from the south, you might think this is a term of endearment. But is actually someone saying ooh you poor thing, or you just can't help that you are little dumb.



A term I hear almost every time I get around someone I have not seen in a while it usually comes out as one word. But it does mean to ask how is my family doing.

8. Coke.

Around here everything is a Coke. It could be Dr. Pepper, Sprite, or even Orange, but a soft drink around here is a coke first, then the actual name of the beverage.

Drink Up
Keith Bell

9. Fixin to.

I actually hear this as fiddin to sometimes. It means that they are about to begin something. Like I am fiddin to go to the store.

10. Hell or High Water.

I hear this more with older people in this area but it means they will do it no matter what. An example is I'll get your car fixed by Friday come hell or high water.

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