Being a life long resident of Texarkana I have heard our city name being butchered on the air and we even had a company that would never spell it correctly. They said we were Texarcana, like Corsicana. But there are a few towns in Texas that really are so funny sounding you wonder what the folks were on when they named them. The website Chron had a list of 21 an we narrowed it don to the ten funniest Texas city names.

Here are the 10 funniest Texas City names.

#10. Rainbow-this town is town southwest of Ft. Worth and the townspeople named it after a thunderstorm brought a big rainbow.

#9. China-Located between Houston and Beaumont was once named China Grove, it got its name from the China Berry Trees.

#8. Paradise-Just a short drive from the Dallas Ft. Worth area Paradise got its name from the cowboys who said it was a cowboy paradise

#7. Earth-The population of Earth Texas is somewhat smaller then the earth. With just over a 1000 people this small town sits halfway between Lubbock and Amarillo.

#6. Nemo-This quaint little town boasts a population of 56 and had the name Nemo long before we ever heard of the lost clown fish.

#5. Happy-Considered part of the Amarillo Metropolitan area there are only 658 happy people in this Texas town.

#4. Oatmeal-The first in the many foo name cities, this community is 56 miles northwest of the state capital of Austin.

#3. Noodle-Another food named town, I must be hungry has been around since 1900.

#2. Bacon-We all love bacon right? Bacon Texas is a little spot on the road just outside of Wichita Falls.

#1.Ding Dong-The town got its name from two brothers who opened a store there in the 1930's. They had a gentleman paint a sign for thier store an he did a mural of two bells with one bell being named ding and the other dong an the name of the town stuck.



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