As 2010 drew to a close, fate changed my life with a shocking, viollent suprise.

On December 31, very few cars were out on the road at 2:45 a.m. as I drove home  home from work in  my beautiful gold 2002 Dodge Dakota SLT 4 door crew cab with the silver trim.

I came to a complete stop at the intersection at 37th Street and Garland Avenue, across from Kilpatrick Elementary School, and looked both ways.

When I didn't see anyone coming or going, I slowly accelerated. Then a Crown Vic shot out of nowhere without any headlights on.

The car slammed into the side of my truck, spinning me around 180 degrees and into the west end of the school's parking lot.

The brute force of the impact knocked me senseless. A few minutes later, I gathered my wits and crawled out of the truck to go check on the other driver and his passenger.

I was still in shock with my heart racing, adrenaline pumping, and all I could think was 'Thank God I'm alive.' As I approached the other vehicle,  the police showed up with the ambulance so I never really got to check on the passengers of the Crown Vic.

The police took my statement and gave me a copy of the report to submit to my insurance company. I noticed that the report showed that the driver of the other vehicle had fallen asleep at the wheel.

I called my insurance agent the next day and he suggested I take my truck to Haley's Auto Body Shop to obtain an estimate. A wrecker service hauled the truck over there and when the techs looked at the damage they immediately said that my poor truck was not salvageable.

As I walked away it saddened me to realize that I would never see my Dodge again. Now thanks to Haley's accurate assessment I drive a restored 1964 Chevy C10 and love it.