Sure, 'NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys made tons of cash in their heyday, but the members of One Direction are well on their way to becoming the very first members of the billion-dollar boy band club...if one website's calculations are correct. has added up all of One Direction's various income streams, and discovered that they will, in fact, end up grossing a billion dollars by the end of 2014, unless something goes horribly wrong.  Here's the breakdown:

--Ticket sales for the remainder of 1D's 2013 tour and their planned 2014 stadium tour:$457,500,000

--Record sales: $300,000,000

--Movie tickets and subsequent DVD sales for upcoming 3D film This Is Us:$150,000,000

--Additional DVD sales: $15,000,000

--Merchandising, including the group's new fragrance, plus dolls, T-shirts, pajamas, posters, pillows, etc: $67,500,000

And there you have it: a billion dollars isn't that far-fetched when you look at these numbers.  Of course, the guys will have to split it five ways, but still, that's not a bad return for all their hard work, considering they've only been around for three years.